Best Products for Your Pelvic Floor

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The Best Products for Your Pelvic Floor and Core 

According to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Companies market all sorts of stuff to vagina owners: washes, wipes, pads, kegel aids, trainers, and more. With shelves and shelves full of products, it can be tough to know which of them might be actually useful. (If any!)

First, know this: If your pelvic floor is generally healthy, you probably don’t need any fancy-schmancy products. But if you want to address specific issues, I have some pelvic floor physical therapist-approved suggestions.

Pelvic Floor Products for General Health

#1 The Squatty Potty

Proper positioning is key for successful pooping. Leaning forward with your knees up helps to align your internal organs to have the best experience possible. That’s why I love the Squatty Potty. This small stool is clinically proven to reduce straining during bowel movements, which can alleviate pressure from your pelvic floor.

#2 Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium keeps things moving in your bowels, which helps prevent constipation, straining, and pelvic floor pressure. I love this magnesium supplement from Natural Vitality. 

#3 Moisturizer

Downstairs dryness is super common, especially in postpartum folks. Try this “lip stick” from Medicine Mama’s Apothecary to give you an extra boost of moisture. With natural ingredients like honey, olive oil, and avocado, you can both moisturize and protect those very delicate tissues.

Pelvic Floor Products for Strengthening

#1 Kegel Trainers

Kegel exercises–mindfully contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles–can help to improve pelvic floor strength. But they’re difficult to get right on your own. Using a kegel training system can help! The Intimate Rose system is BPA-free, medical grade, and doesn’t have openings or grooves that collect bacteria. Or, if you’re more tech-oriented, try the Elvie app-controlled kegel trainer.

#2 Exercise Balls

Pilates and yoga balls can be helpful pelvic floor tools when exercising at home. Try this one from ProBody Pilates!

Pelvic Floor Products for Relaxation

#1 Pelvic Wand Massagers

Pelvic wands can help reach superficial and deep pelvic floor muscles, releasing trigger and tender points. This will help overactive pelvic floor muscles relax and return to their normal functions! These from Intimate Rose are my favorite.

#2 Cushioned Seats

Pelvic floor pain after sitting for a long time is a common symptom of general pelvic floor dysfunction. Extra cushioning for your behind can help to ease the pressure on those tight pelvic floor muscles! Check out the Thera-Seat

#3 Miracle Balls

The Miracle Ball Method comes with inflatable massage balls that bring mindful exercise to your tight pelvic floor. Over time, you’ll slowly and steadily release those tissues to get the relief you’re looking for. Combine this product with deep, diaphragmatic breathing, and you’ve got a winning combination. 

Do You Have Pelvic Floor Tension?

Typically, people connect pelvic floor issues to symptoms of weak muscles, like peeing yourself when you cough or sneeze. But if you have pain in your parts, it’s possible you have the opposite problem: overactive or tense pelvic floor muscles. My free guide, 4 Signs of Pelvic Floor Muscle Tension, can help!

Pelvic Floor Products for Pregnancy and Postpartum

#1 Hemorrhoid Cream

Pregnancy and postpartum bring lots of changes. Unfortunately, one of the most common changes is hemorrhoids! Because of the increased pressure and blood flow to your rectum during this time, you may start to develop those small (and very annoying) swollen veins. If your hemorrhoids are external, try a cream or balm to help your symptoms subside. I love this one from Ma Ying Long and this one from the Motherlove Rhoid Balm.  

#2 Maternity Back Support Belts

Your new center of gravity puts a lot of pressure on your back and pelvic floor. To help, use a back support belt. This can help alleviate aches, pains, and overall muscle fatigue (especially in the later parts of pregnancy). 

#3 Belly Bands

Belly binding, especially after a C-section, can help with back pain, hernias, diastasis recti, and general core weakness after birth. These support bands from Bao Bei are my favorite. In lieu of traditional belly binding, these shorts from SRC Recovery are also an excellent option.

#4 A Constipation Aid

Pregnancy constipation is R-E-A-L. And when all else fails, sometimes you need to fix the problem manually. Enter MYAID Femmeze. This discreet, insertable device helps to realign the rectum–especially in pelvic organ prolapse (POP), so you can use the restroom easily. 

#5 Sitz Bath Supplies

A sitz bath is a low, shallow, warm bath you sit in to relieve pain, burning, or itching. Whether you’re looking for hemorrhoid help or need to do some TLC for your postpartum bits, a sitz bath can help give you some relief. I recommend this care basin and the Frida Mom herbal and Epsom salt tablets for the best experience.

Pelvic Floor Products for Sex

#1 Water-Based Lubricants

One of the major causes of discomfort or pain during sex is vaginal dryness. Especially in postpartum, we tend to get a little dry down there. For a better experience in the sack, try a great lube like Slippery Stuff.

#2 Vaginal Dilators

Pelvic floor tightness can also cause painful sex. To train your muscles to relax, try a vaginal dilator. These cylindrical wands stretch the vagina gently and progressively, making it easy and comfortable on your body. Try these from Intimate Rose.

The best bang for your buck? Pelvic floor PT!

A pelvic floor physical therapist could be the “product” you’re really looking for. A PT can diagnose and treat all types of pelvic floor problems so you can stay happy and healthy from the inside out. 

If that’s not accessible for you right now, though, I totally get it. That’s why I created the V-Hive. These online, on-demand workouts for your pelvic floor and core can help you get pelvic floor PT support at home (and for a fraction of the cost). Check it out here!


Interested in more tips on how to prevent or overcome Pelvic Floor Problems?
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