January 10, 2022

Peeing 101: When and How to Pee Properly

Urinary leakage is very common, but not normal. So what can you do? Learn how to empty your bladder correctly, prevent pelvic floor issues, and manage those pesky leaks!

Urinary leakage

For most women, thinking about peeing properly isn’t something you do. It’s like breathing. You just do it and when you gotta go, you go. But there is a correct way to urinate! Below are some tips. 


How to Optimize Your Bladder Habits

  • Urinate every 2-4 hours during the day. When you’re pregnant this will be a lot more often. 
  • Urinate only 0-2x per night – again, this will probably be more when you’re pregnant
  • Drink 1-2 cups of water between bathroom visits during the day. Stop fluids approximately 2 hrs before bed. 
  • Relax on the toilet and breathe!
  • Sit down on the toilet. Do not hover!


What Not To Do When Urinating

  • Just in case” Voiding
    going just because you see the toilet or it’s convenient before leaving somewhere. Oftentimes, this can make sense if it’s been awhile since you last peed or you have a full bladder, but other times it’s creating a habit to go when you don’t actually need to yet. Don’t confuse your bladder!
  • Don’t Wait too Long!
    If it’s been more than four hours, you likely need to go. This habit may contribute to over-stretching your bladder capacity. If you go long stretches without peeing, you may also be restricting your fluid intake.
  • Don’t Hover Over the Toilet Seat
    This clenches your pelvic floor and can make it difficult for you to empty your bladder fully. 
  • Rushing Your Void
    Avoid pushing or straining to get your urine out fast. No power peeing!
  • Improper Product Placement
    Don’t use products on your vulva or urethra area with fragrances as this may irritate your skin and urethra.  


Still Having Bladder Issues After Nailing the Basics?

If you have questions or concerns, work with a pelvic floor PT who will be able to fully assess your individual situation. As pelvic floor PTs, we can also help with other urinary concerns such as urgency, frequency, pain with urination, frequent UTIs and more!


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