April 3, 2018

Pubic Bone Pain

Pubic bone pain or SPD during pregnancy and postpartum.

Pubic bone pain (also known as SPD) can cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum. Your body has an increased amount of the hormone Relaxin hormones that causes all your joints to get loosey-goosey, which is a good thing as is allows your pelvic bones to spread with a growing fetus. However, it can lead to instability and pain in your pubic bone and sacroiliac joints as well.

SUPPORT: A must is getting a compression or maternity support to get your pelvic bones supported. Wear that Serola belt ALL of the time right, especially with exercise, which should only be walking, swimming, gentle yoga, and nothing high impact if you are experiencing pain.

SLEEP: When you sleep on your side at night, place a pillow between your knees. When you rollover in bed have a pillow between your knees and gently squeeze it as you roll onto your side. You can wear the Serola belt to sleep if you have the pain at nighttime, too.

STABILIZE: You can also perform a gentle pelvic floor (kegel) and abdominal contraction when you lift your kids, carseat, box, something heavy. This will help stabilize your pelvis before you pick something up.

AVOID: Avoid certain movements that can cause pain, like standing when getting dressed, putting on socks and shoes or shaving your legs. Sit down instead. Avoid getting in and out of your car with one leg at a time. Keep your legs together and turn to your side instead of putting one leg out and then another.  Avoid separating your legs really wide which would tug on that pubic bone (sounds weird but for instance avoid doing a deep squat, child’s pose, butterfly stretch, lunges, or Pilates reformer work).

Want to know more? Work with a Pelvic Health PT to learn how to properly strengthen your muscles and return to activities pain-free.

Sara Reardon PT, DPT, WCS is the owner of NOLA Pelvic Health and founder of The Vagina Whisperer, a resource for online pelvic health education and therapy to help women worldwide with pelvic health conditions. She is a board certified women’s health physical therapist with a special interest in treating pelvic pain and pregnancy and postpartum conditions. She is a mom, wife, Saints fan and wanna be yogi.

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